Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Favorite Photo--Famous in Budapest

My photo and children are famous in Budapest! OK, so maybe famous is a strong word, but here's the story. You know how there are billions of photos out there on the internet? Well of all the photos out there, someone in Budapest found this one of my children that I took and wanted to use it on their website! They e-mailed me to tell me they loved my photos and asked for permission to use this one. This is personally my favorite photo that I have taken of my kids together, maybe my favorite of all I've taken so far, but isn't that crazy that someone in Budapest found it and wanted to use it? Kind of fun. She ended up cutting them out to put them on a background (probably to get rid of my signature) which kind of makes it look a little funny, but Oh well! Check out the website HERE to see it. (Also click on the text below the picture--it's in the header at the top, then you will see the picture again in the lower right corner). The website's not in English (obviously) but the author explained to me that it is for domestic services (preschool, daycare, housecare, gardening, etc.) Just kind of a FUN thing I wanted to share.


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