Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{18 months}

My Mylie girl is 18 months! But she is not yet 18 pounds! I took her in for her check up today and she was up to a whopping 17 1bs 8 oz! Maybe we will be able to turn her carseat around when she is two! (Hopefully) Well, she may be small, but she definitely makes up for it in spunk! She is the funniest and cutest little girl. She sings all day and even makes up songs. She is too smart for her own good! She speaks full sentences and amazes me every day with the things she just knows how to say. One of the things I love (and hate) about her is her hair when she wakes up. Love because it makes me laugh, but hate because it means I have to comb it again! We have so many pictures of her when she has woken up because it is just so funny. Here are a few from the other day. I call it her tornado hair. And yes, it is pretty much like this every time she wakes up.


(There was an elastic and a bow in her hair when she went down, but as you can see they are long gone!)

Oh, here's another one I just found, too:


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Strong Family said...

I love her cute curls. She is just a doll!