Friday, March 20, 2009

{Jeepers Peepers}

I don't know how I got so lucky with my kids' eyes. Especially Bennett's. He's got the greatest eyes with the longest, thickest, lashes. I thought I'd share this photo because it captures his eyes so well.


Now just imagine these eyes welling up with tears when Simba's dad dies on the Lion King. Bennett watched it for the first time the other day when we were at my mom's, and I didn't think about how the death of Mufasa might affect him! How do you explain death to a 3-year old? He asked us "But what happened to Simba's daddy?" We (Russell and I) explained that he got hurt and he died. And then I about lost it myself to see the most distressed look on his face as his eyes welled up with the tears. So for about a million times the rest of the movie "But why did he died?" We tried to explain how he went to heaven. Then he comes back later in the show to talk to Simba. So we told him how he talked to him from heaven. This seemed to do the trick. Now during the rest of the movie, the drive home, the next day or two, Bennett kept telling me (a million more times) "Simba's dad died, but he went to heaven. And Simba talked to him at heaven." But he'd still add "But why did he died?"
I love my tender-hearted, big eyed, Bennett!


Here's a picture of the two of them together. Note the lashes. Not fair. I really have no idea where they got them. And of course Bennett got the bulk. The boys always do.


Lindsey Rose said...

Emily! Hello There my dear friend! It was so fun to come on here and see your darling kids, and you are an amazing photographer.WOW! How are you guys? It looks like things are going well, how is Russell liking his job? Hope all is well, and I am adding your link so I can keep updated! Love you guys!

Critt & Britt said...

That is way too cute. Your pics look amazing. I miss you, we need to see you guys soon.

BKC said...

They are absolutely beautiful